Unity 3D development

zGames is considered a mobile Game Development Studio, and has been available ever since 2008. The zGames group amazingly mixes critical thinking with excitement and training. Conveying scores in multi stage recreations in various well known gaming types, from easygoing amusements to enlarged reality instructive applications, for a portion of the incredibly famous diversion distributors in both the USA and Europe.

Some facts about zGames

zGames counts with an impressive 7 years on the market, and you can clearly see this through their incredible professionalism and experience in this sector . They are experts in designing and they are casual game developers fully functional games and projects. They do some incredible cooperation with very known brands from all across the globe, such as for example Atari, Big fish and Taito. At zGames they lay very high value on having a creative team with a full set of skills ready to develop any game we desire. They count with an impressive amount of game design character development, 3D modelers, 2D artists, Qa Engineers, sound engineer, and much more. Broad involvement in Solidarity programming, multi stage diversion improvement and joining with outsider administrations.

Game building Know How

Are you searching for proficiency in diversion, time and money wise? These are precisely the thing zGames know some things about. Accordingly of the devoted exertion of the diversion architects, craftsmen, designers and QA Engineers who rehearse amusement creation with a “green” demeanor, which means no bit of code gets wasted, the zGames group is equipped with some self-developed yet incredibly capable instruments that work as very profitable diversion building quickening agents.

Code library. Making every code count

The zGames group approaches each diversion antique they deliver with a systematic eye. To oblige the requirement for creating new releases as quickly as possible, they have ordered a reusable code library that components an assortment of examples and frameworks. Because of a particular structure, the archive permits sharing the code library over various undertakings.
A portion of the key mixes highlighted in the reusable code library are:
  • Logs and asserts
  • Job based pattern wrapper
  • Global object loader
  • High Level UI system -Event system
  • 3rd​​ party framework wrapper
  • Application configuration system
  • Analytic processing system
  • JSON wrappers
They are extremely fast in releasing new games, zGames is ios game development company which are all fully tested and well tuned. They have been able to offer this service, due to the many experts working together on each project. this is only one of the many features zGames has to offer.

Going beyond the Traditional Game Debugging

zGames expands the capacities of a conventional HUD with DHUD, the Heads Up display, extraordinarily made to encourage diversion advancement on Unity 3D development. Intended to help gamers in gaining moment data on the character well being, mana state, ammo sums etc. On account of an exceedingly configurable and adjustable nature, zGames’ DHUD makes a perfect Unity driven amusement investigating and calibrating device, particularly when working in a time limit.


It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to make a game run faster, see game logs, hop into a specific game level to fix some bugs, or even to add a UI for parameter tuning, and creating cheating features. DHUD has turned fine tuning and game debugging into a real pleasure.