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Standfore – The Best Banking Software

Standfore is an interactive banking software, which manages to offer a wide variety of services, through a remote operated system. The user friendly interface and the fast, connectivity are making Standfore, one of the most efficient banking software, available on the market. Its main features include services like:

Standfore CMS

This module is designed as an unified content management system and it offers a real time connectivity, between all the banking systems available on this channel. It ensures the management of the static content like articles, news, graphics or texts, and a better coordination of the business data. With the CMS feature, data like financial goal categories, payment recipients or bank product description, can be managed more easily. More info you can find here.

Standfore DMS

This system is ideal for every client that wants to customize its marketing experience, by creating a personalized set of tools. These tools have the sole purpose of improving the up-sale and cross sale strategies, while helping the clients change their current practices. The promotion of products tool, is ideal for any client that wants to have a clear view over its content targeting, customer segments or product promotion campaigns. All the statistics and reports will be presented in an accurate and real-time manner, collecting and displaying the information in the client’s best interest.

Standfore Security

Like any other respectable banking software, Standfore comes with an advanced security feature, which allows its clients to complete all the operations in a safe virtual environment. Its security officers are constantly working on improving the systems and detecting every fraud and breaching attempt. The software’s user account management, is using a well developed system, which makes it immune to any breaching attempt and therefore, 100% safe. All the sessions and operations are encrypted, making it impossible for anyone to see the client’s activity or personal information.

Standfore Analysis

This feature is used to deliver detailed information on the client’s current operations, providing certain recommendations for its future activity. The reports are displayed in an user friendly manner, and they are comprehensive for everybody, no matter its technical level of expertise. With the analysis feature, the user won’t need any other expensive banking software, because Standfore will present all these information.
Standfore is the best banking software, being able to provide a wide area of banking activities, in an user-friendly, accurate and safe environment. So far, this is the best tool for managing your banking channels and for delivering useful strategies, that will be helpful in your future development.