Advantages Of Oilclothes

Whether you have a table that is an old family heirloom that has been passed down through generations, or you've recently purchased a new table for your kitchen or dining room, making sure that your table is protected from damage is definitely important. A wood table is especially vulnerable to damage from moisture as well as scratches caused by items that are placed on it. Even something as simple as a woman's handbag or your child's sippy cup can leave marks or scratches on the surface of your table. The best way to protect it and ensure it always looks its best is with oil cloth table cloths.

Excellent Spillage Protection

If you have kids, chances are you've seen your fair share of accidental spills at the table. It's a natural part of growing up, and many kids are just prone to knocking over their beverages, creating a wet, sloppy mess. Of course, it's not just kids who have these accidents, adults too are vulnerable to creating spillage. Unfortunately, if your table isn't protected, moisture from spillage could leave your table damaged. A wood table will generally not be able to stand up to moisture of any kind. Whether it's a spill from an overturned glass or it's condensation from a cold beverage, moisture can be a big problem. Fortunately, an oil cloth table cloth can provide excellent protection against moisture.

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Avoid Scratches on Your Beautiful Table

Just like moisture can cause significant damage to your table, so can everyday items that get placed on the table top. From kids book bags to school projects, crafts, and even serving platters, anything with a rough or sharp edge can leave scratches if it comes in contact with your table. These scratches can be difficult to repair, and they leave your table looking worn and unsightly. However, when you use an oil cloth table cloth, your table will be protected, and the soft underside of the oil cloth will provide a nice buffer against scratches.

A Great Look at an Affordable Price

Oil cloth table cloths are available in a wonderful variety of sizes and shapes, so there's something to fit just about any table. Additionally, these table cloths are very affordable, making them a budget-friendly option for most homes. They are available in solid colours, patterns, florals, and a plethora of other designs, ensuring that you'll be able to find a table cloth that works well with your home's design scheme.

Oil Cloth is Waterproof and Stain Resistant

Oil cloth is naturally waterproof and stain resistant, making it a wonderful option for protecting your tables from some of the most common problems. Oil cloth is also extremely easy to keep clean; generally needing nothing more than a damp cloth to wipe it clean. If you use your oil cloth table cover on an outdoor table, you can even use your garden hose to spray off dirt and debris. Oil cloth is durable and long-lasting, so your table cloth will last through many family meals and projects.